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Committed to expressing the arts through quality and style we present Chilltown Official Outfitters. A new lifestyle brand born from the minds of J.C.N.J natives. This same city is the inspiration behind it all. The vision is about not only creating premium garments for you and I but to be a place that supports all artisans, free-thinkers and people that strive for greatness. There’s a Chilltown in every city so how you choose to represent matters because it’s not where you’re from but where you’re at. Born from this concept comes the new way to social network and that is Prolific People. Prolific People's sole purpose is to help give a voice to independents without an outlet to share their story and to further motivate that creative giant in all of us. It’s the ultimate platform destination where we will shed the spotlight on all the entrepreneurs, hustlers, money makers, and risk takers who are out now trying to leave their mark on the planet. No matter the project big or small we’re devoted to highlighting the greatness in it all for everyone to see your impact and contribution to the culture. Make sure to keep up to date with future blogs because the next big thing could come from someone in your very own neighborhood.

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